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Current NIU Safety Bulletins

NIU Police and Public Safety provides information on crimes that have recently occurred in the campus area so that you may take the appropriate precautions. An NIU Safety Bulletin is issued in accordance with a federal law requiring colleges and universities to disclose information about crime in the vicinity of campus to both aid in the prevention of similar crimes and to assist in the identification of offenders.

NIU Safety Bulletins are based on information that has been reported to Northern Illinois University Police and Public Safety. The reported information may not have been investigated or confirmed at the time the Safety Bulletin was issued. Safety Bulletins will be issued via e-mail and posted to our website when an incident occurs that should be brought to the immediate attention of the University community. Physical descriptions of a suspect, including race, are included in NIU Safety Bulletins only when they provide several details that might help distinguish the suspect's appearance from the general population.

No active safety bulletins

Archived Safety Bulletins